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Tommy's Mess Club

Is a membership scheme operated by Tommy's Lounge. Pay a monthly membership and receive 10% off everything in Tommy's Lounge during your visits (Excluding subscription services and coffee home delivery services) 

Your monthly membership will also give you access to:

  • Early access to events run by Tommy's Lounge
  • Special Members only promotions
  • Emails and updates
  • Annual Tommy's Lounge Mess Dinner - A formal dinner for any non-military
  • Special events for Members only throughout the year

Tommy's Mess Club FAQ's

Things you'll want to know...

How to join Tommy's Mess Club?

Signing up is easy. simply click the button to send us a message asking to join. Keep reading to find out what is entailed and the membership criteria.

Who can join Tommy's Mess Club

Anyone can join Tommy's Mess Club who's over 18 years of age. Whilst it's a Veteran orientated Club, we welcome membership from everyone. 

Upon joining we will ask you if you are a veteran (or serving military), but so long as you support our military you'll be made welcome. You don't need to know what happens at a mess dinner as it will all be explained along the way. By joining as a cilivilan you'll be given a rare insight into what happens during a formal military mess dinner. It's a fun experience and past civilian attendees of actual military mess dinners have always enjoyed them immensely.

How much is Tommy's Mess Club?

Tommy's Lounge charges a monthly membership fee which is done by a direct debit set via our Go-Cardless service on the 1st of each month. We charge a monthly fee of £5 per person.

Can my partner attend Tommy's Mess Club?

Husbands, Wifes and partners are always welcomed to attend our events. All communication from us about events will contain information about non-members attending and any additional costs associated with them attending any events through Tommy's Lounge Mess Club.

The in-store discount is only available to the registered member and they must be in attendance to claim any discounts. If you're a regular to Tommy's Lounge and both you and your partner would use it we recommend you both join the Mess Club as it will still save you money each month. 

What information will you need?

If you want to join Tommy's Mess Club we will require some limited information to enable us to process your application. All data will only be used to administer your club membership. Tommy's Lounge would never sell your details or use it for any other purpose than the Mess Club.

If you contact us to join the Mess Club we will ask you for the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Valid email address
  • A recent picture of yourself
  • If you are a veteran or not (if you were we would ask for your number)

Note: the direct debit will be set up yourself via our go-cardless system to ensure that your bank details are secure.

What is a Mess?

In the military a Mess is where you eat and spend time with other people (usually of a similar rank) In the Royal Navy on board a ship each group of sailors will have a mess assigned to them. It's where they sleep and relax off duty. In the other services it's where the personnel go to relax and eat.

An Officers Mess is a more formal area compared to the Junior Ranks, but one thing they all have in common is the formal nights. Our annual Mess Dinner will be a formal dinner. The rest of the time it's about the fun-side of mess life.

A Mess Dinner is where the military will wear their 'Mess Dress' which is the military equivalent to a tuxedo, but will also wear their medals and awards. Their partners will also dress up, ladies in ballgowns and men in formal tuxedos.

During the meal there will be formal etiquette to follow, if you're not a veteran these would be explained to you beforehand. Some are a little fun, others are more formal. For example, a fun 'rule' is that once you sit at the table you are not allowed to leave before the toasts. If you do have to get up unless you'll be 'fined' which can take the form of a donation to charity or as would be the case in most mess's fined a bottle of Port!

The more formal etiquette will be the toasts. There will be several toasts especially to the crown as all military personnel swear allegiance to the crown. Port will be passed around for this toast, and etiquette dictates you only pass the Port to the left. 

Tommy's Lounge is a registered CiC in the UK. Number: 14503826

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